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Trustworthiness, competence, dignity, respect, service to the greatest good, joy, and sustainability.


Insight Coaching is dedicated to helping people awaken to their fullest potential and, through doing so, realize success and wellbeing at work and in life. We do this primarily through executive coaching, leadership team coaching, and custom leadership development programs.

Insight Coaching

My name is Charles Feltman. I am the founder and owner of Insight Coaching. The company is a sole proprietorship that has been in business in California since I founded it in 1992. Insight Coaching has served a wide variety of individuals and companies with coaching, consulting, and training.

Insight Coaching Affiliates and Partners

Insight Coaching partners with a global network of carefully selected coaches (Insight Coaching Affiliates) and leadership development firms (Insight Coaching Partners). Each provides unique and valuable services complementary to those offered by Insight Coaching.

When capacity, geography and/or unique client needs require additional coaches, different skill sets, and/or presence in far flung parts of the globe, Insight Coaching can tap Affiliates or Partners to help serve these needs. I have worked extensively with each of these individuals and companies and can bring them onboard for a client engagement or refer a client to any of them without hesitation.

Charles Feltman – President & Founder

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Charles Feltman has over 25 years of professional experience in coaching, leadership and organizational development. He left a senior management position to start his own consulting business in 1992 after a decade working in the communication technology industry. Charles’ focus later shifted from consulting to executive coaching with an emphasis on clients experiencing consistent success and wellbeing. Today Charles’ work is concentrated in three areas:

Individual and Team Coaching

Charles coaches executives and managers who want to develop or strengthen the key leadership skills that produce exceptional business results. These can include influencing up, down and across the organization, creating strong alignment and commitment, leading teams, and heading up change initiatives. In addition, Charles coaches leadership teams that want to develop greater trust, alignment, collaboration, innovation, and accountability in order to consistently produce exceptional results.

Leadership Development Programs

Charles works with clients to design and deliver custom learning programs for organizational leaders. Programs are unique to each client’s needs, culture and goals. At the same time, all programs are designed around the idea that organizations are networks of conversations, and the more effective leaders are at having the right conversations with the right people, at the right times, and in the right ways, the more successful their company is going to be.


As Stephen M.R. Covey has said, “Trust is the foundation of everything we do and the key leadership competency of the new global economy.” Charles is author of The Thin Book® of Trust: An Essential Primer for Building Trust at Work, based on three decades of experience working with individuals and teams on issues of trust, integrity, commitment, and collaboration. One area in which trust has emerged as a key differentiator is developing a culture of creative diversity. Having a diverse organization in terms of gender, race, culture, and perspectives can be a huge competitive advantage, but only when the relationships are founded on trust.

Client Companies

Clients include executives, managers and teams from Aerospace Corp., CALSTAR, Cognizant, Comfort Systems, Genpact, Intel, Siemens, ST Microelectronics, SealedAir, Thornton Tomasetti, NASA, U.S. National Park Service, USDA, Heifer Project International and The Nature Conservancy. Charles has also worked with clients in many small and mid-sized companies and local government agencies.

Charles holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from U.C. Santa Cruz and a master’s in organization development from the University of Southern California. He holds an International Coach Federation credential of Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Charles received formal coach training from The Newfield Network. He is certified in Myers-Briggs Type Inventory. He is also a certified husband, father and grandfather.

Insight Coaching provides proven business coaching programs to both individuals and business departments throughout the country.

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