Team Coaching

Team Coaching is an excellent way to help a group of smart, capable individuals become a team that rocks. Team coaching is, as the term implies, coaching with a team as “the client”. Team coaching may, if appropriate, also include elements of facilitation and training.

Team coaching may focus on one or more of the following:

  • Building trust
  • Learning how to have difficult conversations effectively
  • Creating stronger accountability and commitment
  • Identifying or recommitting to the team’s purpose and goals
  • Alignment of individual strengths with team strategy
  • Leveraging diversity
  • Developing a culture of trust, respect and collaboration
  • Revealing the team’s hidden dynamics
  • Increasing motivation, engagement and enthusiasm
  • Identifying team roles and challenges
  • Expanding the team’s ability to produce results with minimum supervision
  • Addressing other obstacles to achieving maximum team performance

Teams that are coached sustain what they learn together long after coaching is completed, they show consistently stronger results, and team members take their new skills with them to other teams within the organization, spreading the value. Additionally, they report increased resilience, collaboration, ability to manage change, and integration of new members with increased speed and efficiency.

Who should consider Insight Team Coaching?

  • Any team whose members think they could experience consistently higher impact, stronger cohesion, better collaboration, greater creativity, and/or deeper trust than they are currently.
  • Teams experiencing low commitment and accountability.
  • Teams experiencing low productivity/creativity/impact.
  • Teams with extraordinarily challenging goals that need an extra edge.

Team Coaching is in many ways like individual coaching. The coach works primarily with the entire team together to recognize problems, and learn and practice new behaviors that will support the team in achieving its goals. The coach may also work with the team leader and/or individual team members from time to time as necessary for the benefit of the whole team.

Insight Coaching provides premier team coaching services to businesses throughout the country designed to ensure long term career success.

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