Individual Coaching For Leaders

Insight Coaching provides custom leadership development for managers and executives that can significantly increase their capacity drive results. Through an intensive one-on-one relationship with a coach, leaders identify and focus on their unique development needs. The Insight Coaching framework ensures that a sound, constructive connection is established between leader and coach. The coach then builds on this relationship, challenging the leader in ways that encourage the stretch needed for development, and then supporting the participant to insure positive change.

All Insight Coaching engagements follow a similar framework while leaving sufficient room to custom design learning for each participant that focuses on their specific development. Through regular conversations the coach gains an understanding of the leader’s strengths and development needs. The coach continuously creates an environment in the coaching relationship that fosters new ways of thinking, feeling and acting to achieve significant business results.

Overall, coaching clients experience greater success and wellbeing for themselves and those they lead. From our experience, possible outcomes can include a better understanding of how the leader’s behavior and actions affect others and impact the results they are trying to achieve; more effective choices for dealing with challenging situations; stronger and more productive relationships; more effective coordination of action with others; new strategies and practices for leading others; and greater fulfillment and satisfaction in their work and life, to name a few.

Who should consider individual coaching?

  • Executives and board level leaders
  • Senior VPs and VPs, and other senior leaders
  • Key people at the critical nexus between middle and senior management, e.g., senior directors
  • Leaders transitioning into new positions
  • High-potential leadership candidates
  • Any individual who has the potential to significantly impact the organization’s success

The Insight Coaching Process

We begin by tailoring the coaching engagement to the unique needs of each client. The client and coach work together to define clear, measurable outcomes for the coaching engagement, and developing a plan for working toward those outcomes. The client’s manager and other stakeholders may also have input into defining coaching outcomes if this is part of the agreement.

A typical coaching engagement may include some or all of the following elements:

  • A series of one-on-one conversations (coaching sessions) between client and coach. Through these conversations the coach assists the client in identifying and working on areas that need to be addressed in order for the client to achieve the desired outcomes.
  • Use of one or more standard assessment tools (e.g., Meyers-Briggs) and/or a 360° feedback survey.
  • Confidential interviews done by the coach with some combination people such as of the client’s manager, other senior managers, peers, direct reports, and others that allow the coach to provide high-quality feedback to the client.
  • Formal and informal progress assessments.
  • Shadow coaching in which the coach “shadows” the client at work in order to directly observe him/her in action. This process gives the coach the opportunity to offer the client direct, immediate, high-impact feedback on his/her behavior and how it affects others.
  • Actions, inquiries and practices co-designed by client and coach to further the client’s learning and development.
  • Email consultation.

Insight Coaching provides expert executive coaching programs to both individuals and businesses throughout the country, ensuring success in the workplace.

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