Trust at Work Certification Program

The Trust at Work® Certification Program is for coaches, consultants, facilitators, trainers, HR and OD professionals who want proven tools and approaches to support their clients in building and maintaining strong trust-based relationships in the workplace.

Trust is key to your clients’ success and well-being. It is a must-have skill set for success in today’s complex and interconnected world, not just for leaders but for everyone who wants to help further their organization’s mission. Building trust is a competency that can be learned, developed and improved. This program will give you the ability to help your clients become exceptional trust-builders.

The Trust at Work Certification Program will give you a proven set of tools, techniques and resources to effectively support your clients in building, maintaining, and when necessary, restoring strong trust with other individuals and with teams.

Based on the practical, proven framework described in The Thin Book of Trust by Charles Feltman, this virtual course will give you the capacity to bring enormous value to your clients by helping them learn to intentionally and consistently build trust in their work lives and beyond.

Trust at Work Module I

Five Sessions

Module I is a deep dive into the art and practice of helping people build and sustain strong, lasting trust relationships in the workplace. It expands on the trust-building framework and process described in The Thin Book of Trust by Charles Feltman. In the module we cover self-trust, building trust between individuals, and creating a team culture of trust as the key to extraordinary performance.

Module I will prepare you to use this framework for:

  • Supporting individual clients in building, maintaining and, when necessary, restoring strong trust at work.
  • Helping teams amplify their innovation, productivity and success by creating a culture of trust.
  • As an invaluable addition to any team coach’s toolkit.
  • Designing and delivering powerful workshops and trainings focused on trust-building.

What you get on completion:

  • Access to the program materials for use in your own practice as a coach, consultant, facilitator, or trainer, including slides, trust exercises, and other resources.
  • Certificate showing that you successfully completed the Module I program.
  • Eligibility for 7.5 ICF CEU hours.

Module I consists of five 1.5-hour sessions delivered over five consecutive weeks.

Trust at Work Module II

Two Sessions

Module II focuses on administering, interpreting, debriefing, and working with results from the Triscendance Trust Assessment for Leaders and Teams. This team assessment is based on the trust framework covered in the Trust at Work module. If you work with teams and you believe your clients can benefit from increasing trust, this module will certify you in using this powerful trust assessment tool.

Module II consists of two 1.5-hour sessions delivered over two consecutive weeks.

Two modules – register for either one separately or for both at once as best meets your needs.

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