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Learning programs that significantly increase company-wide capacity for success and wellbeing.

About Custom Programs

Insight Coaching partners exclusively with Integral Leadership & Coaching, a global leadership development and coaching firm, to create custom solutions to help clients accelerate development of people with leadership potential, and address unique leadership needs in key target populations. In conjunction with Integral we design and deliver comprehensive leadership development curricula; refine or redesign existing programs for greater impact; and build tailored learning modules for clients on targeted topics, such as leading change, managing conflict, and creating a high trust culture.

Our Approach

The fundamental principles that guide the Integral–Insight approach to building high-performing leaders and teams has been developed over many years of designing and delivering custom learning solutions. Our unique approach, based on action learning, produces real business results. Our deep expertise in designing and delivering learning events ensures participants are engaged in a high-quality learning experience; individual coaching support leaders successfully apply and sustain learning; and program evaluation is built in from the start. We also partner with thought leaders, internal trainers, and leaders-as-faculty to orchestrate the best solutions.

Guiding Principles

One principle that underlies all of our work is the idea that organizations are networks of conversations. From this perspective, the more effective people throughout a company are at having the right conversations with the right people, at the right times, and in the right ways, the more successful everyone will be. Thus, one of the primary roles of leaders is to ensure conversation networks are healthy and working optimally. Our work helps leaders strengthen this capacity in themselves and their organizations.

A second guiding principle in our work is relationship precedes results. Leaders who consistently build and sustain strong, productive relationships up, down and across their organization are reliably successful. This requires leaders who are mindful, who are mentally and emotionally agile, who can passionately debate ideas without breaking connection, who can intentionally foster trust, engage motivate, who can be and hold others accountable.

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