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Leadership Development for Middle Managers

If you are a middle manager – a leader of managers – you don’t need anyone to tell you that your leadership is critical to your company’s success. You coordinate action up and down the organizational hierarchy and across functions. To achieve your goals, you have to lead people and manage processes in ways that translate company strategy into focused action that yields results.

And, if you are like most middle managers you face big opportunities and challenges as a leader.

Does it seem you never have enough time? Do you wrestle with conflicting commitments and opposing demands? Do you struggle with lack of clarity or changing direction from upper management? Do you get blindsided by politics? Do you feel stretched too thin to do the job the way you think it should be done, even with all the extra hours you put in? If any of these describe you, Leading from the Center is for you. We use a unique virtual group coaching format to support middle managers in fleshing out the leadership skills needed to be highly successful mid-level leaders.

Leading from the Center combines the benefits of top flight executive coaching, action learning and peer support to provide high impact leadership development.

Why Group Coaching for Middle Managers?

Leading from the Center will help you succeed in all six middle management core competencies – and more – by helping you build on your strengths and work directly with your challenges. Applying new leadership strategies and skills is accelerated by working with a coach in a group setting and through contributions from other middle managers that help you take concepts into the real world of work.

This program will help you:

  • Consistently turn company strategy into desired results
  • Feel less stressed and more effective
  • Provide positive leadership for your team
  • Connect effectively with senior leaders in your company
  • Build strong relationships with other managers

Your company will:

  • Be significantly more productive
  • Develop faster and more agile leadership at all levels
  • Consistently deliver on its core mission and bottom-line promise

Insight Coaching offers group coaching programs specifically designed for middle managers that help develop the necessary skills to be successful.

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