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Unlock Your Company’s Full Potential with an Insight Trust at Work® Workshop

The Key is Trust

Today’s companies bring together people of different ages, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, people with varying life experiences, education, information sources, styles of thinking and problem solving. This amazing diversity can drive breakthrough innovation and performance when people trust each other. Strong trust translates into engagement, commitment, accountability, innovation, performance, and, ultimately, results that exceed expectations. Strong trust delivers success and wellbeing at work. When people trust each other, ideas and information flow quickly and freely. People are open, creative and supportive. They coordinate action effectively to get the right things done fast and well. People who trust each other consistently deliver exceptional results. Create a Culture of Trust in Your Company with the Trust at Work® Advantage

“Charles met our company where we were at, not where the word Trust was at. That wisdom alone made all the difference. As our guide, he and his team of coaches helped us navigate and apply the principles of care, sincerity, competency, and reliability, so that our organization literally began to grow and experience individual breakthroughs and team transformations from day one. Those discoveries continue to evolve and expand even to this day, and that is due in large part to the sustainable workshop tools we received from Charles and his team. In all, we are incredibly thankful and appreciative to have spent time with Charles and his coaches, and we no doubt will work with them again in the future.”

– Russ Michaels, Executive Director, The Interfaith Group


What is a Trust at Work® workshop?

A Trust at Work® workshop is a fast way to give your team or company an extra competitive edge. This highly interactive half-day or 1-day learning workshop is based on proven practices from The Thin Book of Trust: An essential primer for building trust at work. Organizations are networks of conversations. People get good work done by having the right conversations with the right people, at the right time, in the right ways. The more effective the conversations the more likely they are to achieve desired results. Trust is a precondition for effective conversations. When people don’t trust each other enough they avoid the hard conversations necessary to deal with challenging issues. When they don’t have enough trust to honestly engage with each other, people don’t fully commit to the mission. Without sufficient trust people fail to hold each other accountable. In the end results suffer and so do the people. Strong trust, on the other hand, brings both success and wellbeing to the work. If you want exceptional results again and again, create a culture of trust. Helping individuals and teams learn to build stronger trust is a good first step. Building a culture of trust will ensure strong trust is sustained over time. A Trust at Work® Advantage workshop will do both: help individuals learn to build, maintain and repair trust with each other and help your organization begin to create a culture of trust.


The Trust at Work® Model

Trust at Work® workshops are based on the proven trust building framework described in The Thin Book of Trust. This framework breaks the concept of trust into four dimensions: Sincerity, Reliability, Competence, and Care. Understanding these four dimensions of trust allow people to see the behaviors that either build or damage it. It takes trust from an idea that is often emotionally charged to specific behaviors that can be identified and practiced to build and sustain trust, or avoided so as not to damage it. Understanding the model and how to use it makes building, maintaining and, when necessary, repairing trust possible.


Flexible Delivery

Trust at Work® can be delivered as a standalone workshop or part of a larger development program for all employees or more specifically targeted for leaders and high potentials. Choose between:
  • Half day workshop focusing on the fundamentals of building, maintaining and restoring trust at work
  • Full day workshop that covers the fundamentals of building trust plus creating a culture of trust in the workplace


Customizable for Your Team

The material and delivery can also be customized to the specific needs of your team. When working with intact teams we begin with the Triscendance Trust Assessment for Leadership Teams™. This assessment rates the level of trust on a leadership team using the same four dimensions as the Trust at Work model, allowing you to see specifically where to focus learning in order to realize the the greatest benefit. A Trust at Work® workshop can be delivered at your facility or at your preferred off-site location. Who is it for?
  • Boards and leadership teams
  • Project and program teams
  • Anyone seeking to strengthen trust with employees, peers, customers, and other key stakeholders
What will it do for your team or company?
  • Build trust quickly in new situations
  • Maintain strong trust over time, even through major challenges
  • Repair trust when it becomes damaged
  • Create a sustainable culture of trust

Insight Coaching provides engaging trust building workshops designed to help businesses develop a culture of trust for ultimate success.

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