February 10th, 2016


This is one of a series of posts on enemies of trust at work – behaviors that can damage other peoples’ trust in you. Knowing the enemies you face can help you avoid them. This material is based on the trust building framework described in The Thin Book of Trust: An essential primer for building trust at work by Charles Feltman. Enemy: Unintentionally contradicting yourself. Saying something to one person that may appear to contradict what you’ve said to…


March 5th, 2015

Increasing workforce diversity has been an ongoing topic for several decades. In one recent example, Silicon Valley tech companies have come under fire for being overwhelmingly white and Asian in general, and white and male among their leadership ranks. But some would argue a more diverse leadership and workforce could throw a monkey wrench into the performance these companies have been known for. (This argument would be made only behind closed doors, of course.) …


February 1st, 2015


My 10 year old son recently asked me which five superpowers I would want to have. His list included things like telepathy, telekinesis and density changing (the ability to make one’s body less dense in order to pass through solid objects–I didn’t know that, did you?). Fun stuff to think about at that age. But his question got me to thinking about what “superpowers” make for great leaders. What are the best leaders able to do that set them apart from the rest? …